Image of Kev tattooing inside a mans mouth in black and white

So you have a new tattoo!

Thanks for your custom at Kadink Tattoo, we really appreciate your support.
Looking after your tattoo is now in your hands, but it doesn’t have to be difficult – just keep to these guidelines and you’ll be fine.
  • Keep the tattoo covered with the clingfilm we’ve put on for 1-3 hrs.
  • Wash the fresh tattoo with a soft, mild soap then soak the tattoo in a hot bath for 20 minuets, (a must for large tattoos).
  • Once out of the bath, pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel, don’t rub dry!
  • Air the tattoo for 10-20 minutes then add your aftercare cream or oil.
  • Only apply the cream/oil with clean, just washed hands.
  • Basically for a week to 10 days you’ll need to wash and cream or oil your tattoo 2-4 times a day, (morning, midday and the evening).
  • After every wash, air the tattoo for 10-20 minutes, then add cream or oil.
  • You can wrap your tattoo with clean cling film, we highly recommend this for larger tattoos. You can do this for 2-4 days, but always change the cling film for new clean cling film and always wash and cream/oil it before re-wrapping. And remember to air the tattoo as much as possible. Wrapping your tattoo is useful to avoid the cream or oil staining your clothes.
  • Never leave the cling film on for more than 5-8 hrs at a time.
  • Don’t pick or scratch!
  • Don’t get the tattoo in direct sunlight for 6 weeks.
  • Don’t go under sunbeds for 10 weeks.
  • Don’t go swimming in chlorinated swimming pools or the sea water when healing (1-2 weeks).
  • Don’t let your dog lick it.
  • Don’t have the tattoo exposed when working in dusty or dirty conditions (wrap it up).
  • For the first few days you may want to sleep on an old bed sheet or towel to avoid any ink from an uncovered tattoo staining your sheets.
  • Don’t get a new tattoo, go out in town, get on a bender and let everyone touch it.
  • Don’t muck it up!