Essential Information &
Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio offers a personal and private atmosphere with Kev Dunne being the only artist. We strive to be ethical and animal cruelty free wherever possible, while maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness.

The cost of your tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and where it is on your body, as some areas are harder to tattoo than others so will take more time. Our prices start at £100. We are not the cheapest but this is reflected in the quality and service you will receive with your one off piece of artwork.

To have a tattoo you must be 18 or over, you will need to bring some i.d in the form of your passport or driving licence.

Having a tattoo is painful; it requires the application of ink under the first epidermal layer of skin. The best way to describe it is that it is like constantly scratching sunburn – irritable but not intolerable.

Old tattoos can be easily reworked to brighten them back to when you first had it done. To have your old tattoo covered up with a new design is also possible but you will need to come in for a consultation.

You are more than welcome to bring in your own design. If you have specific ideas of how you want your tattoo then we will need references i.e. pictures or drawings. Even if you can’t draw well the ideas will help to create the perfect tattoo for you.

The most important thing is to come and talk to us. This way we can make a cohesive plan together and we will be able to give you a better idea of cost and the time it will take. This way you will then know what to budget for.

We always encourage people to book an appointment for tattoos of any size. First, this guarantees you will get in at a certain time without potentially waiting for hours. Second, it gives us the chance to draw your new tattoo so that it is 100% unique to you. For smaller tattoos, if we have space feel free to walk in or just give us a ring and we can see what we can do.

Being well hydrated and rested are essential, you must eat well before and bring snacks to have during the tattoo especially if it’s a long session. You must remember that your body is about to go under a small degree of stress which will result in an adrenalin rush decreasing your energy levels so it is essential to keep these levels up.

  • Make sure you have showered
  • Bring all necessary documentation like your i.d
  • Please don’t bring your children or lots of friends as this can lead to distraction for the artist and you.
  • If you’re diabetic plan for a crash

You should not get tattooed when you are:

  • Drunk
  • High
  • Pregnant
  • Pre-surgery
  • Post- surgery
  • When you are about to go on holiday
  • When you are sunburnt
  • When you don’t know what you really want
  • When you cant afford it
  • If you don’t have i.d
  • Or you have been pressured into it

Its important to be comfortable, so loose clothing is best.

Keep in mind that you might want to be able to cover up certain places that might show depending on where you’re getting your tattoo.

If you are late for your appointment we will still finish at the time you were booked in until, even if the tattoo isn’t finished. If you are going to be late please let us know.

If you don’t show up we will keep your deposit. And if you call up to rebook after missing your appointment you will have to give a brand new deposit for the new appointment.

Often we undertake hours of work in drawing and preparing for your tattoo before your appointment. Deposits help to ensure you make it to your appointment and that we haven’t done hours of work for nothing.

Consultations are free and advisable for bigger tattoos. If you would like to book a consultation please contact us.

The majority of the healing process will be done within the first two weeks. However, the skin is still working to heal and rejuvenate and you need to plan on it being 6-8 weeks before it is back to its previous state. This will also depend on your skin type.

You can look at our aftercare page. 

As the skin rejuvenates itself the itch sets in. This is 100% normal. Do not scratch it. Use your choice of aftercare oil or lotion when it starts itching and if this doesn’t help run it under cold water for a few minutes.

After a long period of time your tattoo will fade a bit, especially if you don’t look after it. You should always use a high factor sun cream on your tattoos and just look after yourself and your skin.

Yes we do – contact us if you would like to buy one.