Hi Guys

So its happened and we will be opening our new studio on the 1st of september. The new studio address is

57, High Street, Fordingbridge, SP61AS .

As a thank you to all our loyal customers and to welcome any new custom we will be giving a 25 percent discount on all bookings 2hrs and over. This will run for a period of 8 weeks. If interested please fill out a request form and we will be in touch asap. Of course feel free to come and visit us in the studio.

Hope to see you soon

Kev and Chloe

4 thoughts on “Our new studio!

  1. Hey
    What’s the offer you mentioned on fb? I can’t see it in you blog
    Crystal Blessings
    Sommer x

  2. Hi there
    sorry for the late reply if you click on the blog it will open up the full text.
    many thanks
    chloe and kev

  3. Can’t see the offer Kev but want to book last week sept or 1st or 2nd week Oct I have filled in proper form
    Good luck and I’m spreading the word ( Matt TI REGULAR 😃)

  4. Hey!

    I’m trying to open up the full blog! But I can’t 🙁 I literally live 5 seconds away from your new studio! Any help please?

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